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Communication Revolution


Become a Master Communicator

This is a 2 day intensive for coaches, therapists, trainers and influencers. If you need to communicate and influence personally or professionally, this training is for you. This is a high level, deep dive into NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. An in depth training on communication and language, this training explains how the wrong language can keep someone trapped and unproductive. Dug teaches you how to unpack the patterns and break free from their confines. Participants leave this event as improved communicators. This is an extremely powerful training for influencing thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Oration Revolution


Speakers Mastery Bootcamp

Oration Revolution is a 2 day intensive designed to access the master orator within. In this training you will not only learn what makes an outstanding orator, you will apply what you learned in the training. You will find your style and own it with confidence! If you are already a speaker or want to be one, this is for you!

Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification


from the Society of NLP

This is a 6 month certification in NLP by the originators of the technology. This training is two intensive days a month for 6 months with practical application in between sessions to master your skills. We also create coaching pods that ensure accountability during the process.


Vision Quest - New Years Revolution


Turn FEAR into POWER and Design your Outcome!

A one day full immersion experience to re-present yourself to your goals and outcomes. How many times do people set New Years resolutions only to give up within months? This event was created to help us remember what our purpose is, find out what has prevented us from achieving it and then breakthrough to accomplish a clear compelling vision. This full day immersive intensive will go into the evening where as a final act of courage and focus, you will storm across 8 ft of 1200 – 1800 degree hot coals!

New Years Revolution is not just for the New Year, it is to rebirth your team to new goals and re-energize!