Experience Your Breakthrough.

Breakthrough Experiences


Take Your Events or Trainings to the Next Level! Customize and Maximize your message with an experience your participants will never forget! Breakthrough Experiences of Fire Walking, Glass Walking, Board Breaking, Fire Eating, Arrow Breaking, Rebar Bending and more!

Glass Walking


In a world of distractions, presence will produce extraordinary results. Walking on broken glass is an intense experience that requires extreme presence to be successful. After walking across broken glass, your team will be more empowered than ever before shattering their previous limits.

Board Breaking


Getting clear on your vision and then clear on what is stopping you and then busting through that story by breaking a 1” board with your hand. For people, organizations, and teams sometimes the breakthrough is simply getting clear on where we are going and then busting through the obstacles that slow us down.

Fire Walking


Imagine connecting your message to a breakthrough experience like storming across 8 feet of 1200 degree coals! The process breaks down old limiting beliefs and thought patterns and creates new beliefs of possibility. This is a powerful and intense experience that your group will talk about for years.

Fire Eating


Extinguish a 12” flame in your mouth to breakthrough from Procrastination to Motivation. This breakthrough is great for overcoming procrastination, which is just fear isn’t it?

Arrow Breaking


Break an arrow with your neck, breaking through fears to “Go For It”. Often people don’t take action because they think it’s going to be difficult or painful. This experience is focused on follow through. It is said that fortune is in the follow up! This is the perfect experience to get a sales team up and running!

Other Breakthrough Experiences


We also offer additional breakthrough experiences from rebar bending to concrete block Breaking. Contact us to find out more about what we can offer your business or team.