Hear the Results.

Dug consistently positions himself strategically along the path of success for his multitude of clients. He helps them understand where they are, how to get to where they want to be and what is required to get there. He then empowers them with the right tools and support to make their vision a reality.

Adam Bricker

Television Producer

“It takes three things to be a leader in Personal Development: 1) You have to be honorable and have strong ethical standards. 2) You have to walk the talk and be living that which you are teaching. 3) You have to be hard working and capable of getting results! Dug McGuirk exemplifies all three of these character traits. I hired him to speak to my group. Within minutes the audience’s jaws were dropping and they were learning something new about themselves that they could use to propel their life. Years from now they will be thanking me for bringing Dug in. I recommend him without the slightest bit of reservation.”

Dan Boe

Inner Fire Presentations

The years treat some kindly and others with the zest of life. If you ever thought you were holding onto life by a thread or wonder why you may need to try so hard.. look no further – Dug to the rescue. Dug has been a stalwart icon of integrity, insight, inspiration and truth for those who he has shared his wisdom and words with. When you think it is the end of the line in comes Dug who brings with him a fresh breath allowing you to surrender to the strength in all you can be and then more. I recommend Dug to anyone who wants to get through the noise and clutter in life, to make significant difference in your life and to build new bridges and pathways to a distant horizon you’ve thought elusive until now.

Carson Tang

Carson Tang International

Dug, has a good personality and is very focused on what he is doing, always reaching out to go the extra mile, with great vision and insight. He is a very keen listener, and can help get you them to the next level.

Nazim Kahn

Owner, Allstate

Dug has the unique ability to deliver psychological information in a way that is informative, easy to understand and entertaining. His message is both memorable and applicable to anyone who is fortunate enough to attend one of his presentations. Dug’s education, understanding of human nature, his exceptional experience in presenting, and his enthusiasm for his work makes him a rst pick for presenters for a wide variety of topics and audiences. You won’t regret considering Dug to present for your next training. He will be a positive and valuable contribution to your event.

Patty French

Association of Professional Flight Attendants

Dug has an amazing ability to rapidly connect with audiences in a powerful and inspiring way. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a number of events that have featured Dug, and audiences walk away with an excitement about overcoming challenges that have held them back in the past, and new tools and strategies for success and happiness.

Tom Martin

Tom Martin Media

The skills and versatile knowledge of Dug McGuirk have had a visibly transformative effect on attendees at multiple conferences for which I’ve been responsible; my transatlantic experience has introduced me to many purported “stars” of the speaking circuit but few can engage a corporate audience like Dug – he is an expert in assembling groups who can relate their content to improving businesses and inspiring staff, and is a skilled orator who can capture the interest of an audience, who will leave the event informed and inspired. In whatever part of the world this accomplished entrepreneur and speaker takes the stage, I would have no hesitation in recommending Dug, with his accompanying professionalism and diligence, for any address to a corporate audience.

Stephen Cooke

Health Communications, inc