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Creatures of Addict


6 Critical Needs to Address when Dealing with Addiction and Recovery

A silent killer of progress and growth in any organization stems from mental health and addiction issues. What we are really speaking of is coping skills to deal with underlying issues. The truth is drugs and alcohol are not the real problem, they are a solution. In this interactive keynote Dug will unpack mental health, addiction, and recovery in a new way – creating understanding and tools for change. Dug’s expertise working in the addiction field for over 5 years gives him keen insight into the real challenges companies and families face and he provides easily applicable solutions.

Family Program


Tools for Families Dealing with Addiction and Recovery

This is for you, if you would like to give your employees the tools to deal with addiction in their families or their personal lives. This is taught once a week in Delray Beach, FL, however we also offer this as a keynote and can come to you, and customize this training for your organization.

Success Revolutionized


Resignation to Motivation! Re-Energize Your Team!

Has your team given up? Have they become lazy and unmotivated? Are they resigned to the apathy of the workplace? Did you decide to do something and have a motivational speaker come in to pump up your team, but a week later it was back to the way it was? Or worse? Maybe you had a taste of a motivated team so now the contrast is even stronger! Dug is a master practitioner and trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and he will not only motivate your team, he will also teach deep leadership skills to create lasting transformation by giving them the tools to get motivated and STAY MOTIVATED! This is the keynote your team needs.



Purpose Over Process! Align Your Team!

If your team isn’t aligned in purpose, they will get stuck in the tyranny of HOW to do something instead of WHY. One of the biggest drains of an organization is time leakage. That time waste is often based in worry about the process. Our business landscape is in a constant state of flux and we need our organization to be aligned so we can be as efficient as possible. This keynote will make your team POP!



Up Level Your Leadership Skills

In this high impact interactive keynote we will dive into what guides our decision-making and actions. Get your team on the same page by learning what guides our decisions. Optimize and maximize your organization on a deep level and let your organization soar!